AT EVERY ANNUAL congress of Sweden’s National Genealogy Society (Swedish: Svenska Släktforskarförbundet – SSF) people who have contributed to the Swedish genealogy movement are awarded with a diploma. This year (2002) at the congress in Borlänge the diploma was awarded to Kerstin Jonmyren for her “meritious contributions”.

KERSTIN JONMYREN HAS been involved in the genealogy movement for about 25 years. For instance she was the co-founder and chairperson of the board of Kalmar’s Genealogy Society as well as founding member of the predecessor of Sweden’s National Genealogy Society. For the last couple of years she has also been vice chairperson and treasurer of Gotland’s Genealogy Society.

IN 1990 KERSTIN Jonmyren started the Swedish Genealogy Company and today she is one of Sweden's leading professional genealogists. Swedish Genealogy Company's focus is American-Swedish genealogy.