FOR ALMOST HALF a century, topics like ancestry, genealogy and history have played an important part in Kerstin Jonmyren’s life. Forty-some years ago, at the age of sixteen, Kerstin Jonmyren began researching her own family history – a never-ending work that has exhausted most available sources in Sweden and given a unique genealogy experience since then.

ABOUT 30 YEARS ago, genealogy societies were founded all over Sweden. Genealogy societies have been a very successful movement since then. Today there are about 50 000 members in these societies. Kerstin Jonmyren has been very active in this process, for instance as co-founder and later chairperson during two decades for the Kalmar’s Genealogy Society, and as founding member of the predecessor of Sweden’s National Genealogy Society. For the last couple of years she has also been a board member of Gotland’s Genealogy Society.

AT UNIVERSITY KERSTIN Jonmyren studied Swedish History, World History, and English. In her professional life, as a teacher, history has been her main subject. Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Kerstin Jonmyren has been working professionally with genealogy in her own company, the Swedish Genealogy Company.

SWEDISH GENEALOGY COMPANY has helped descendants of Swedish–American emigrants finding their roots in Sweden, and in some cases also getting in contact with living relatives in Sweden. Today Kerstin Jonmyren and the Swedish Genealogy Company is one of the leading professional genealogists in Sweden.

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