A sample of comments and recommendations from former clients:

Bud in Connecticut:
About Sweden of the past: It is very well written and easy to read and understand, but the most important thing is that it is very informative and educational. I also liked the brevity of your document, and I liked that you gave your personal thoughts and opinions on some of the topics. I am very favorably impressed with you background, experience, and qualifications. This gives me full confidence that I am working with the right person regarding my genealogy.

Virginia from Connecticut:
Thank you so much for your report that is packed with so much information it will take me awhile to absorb it all. The packet arrived on Monday…

Donald from Tennessee:
I received your research report October 10, and I thank you very much for a job well done…

Barbara from Alaska:
Thanks very much for the information you have sent over the years. I think I will look at all of it and see if I need any further information. I will get back to you as soon as I get back to Anchorage…

Candy from Wisconsin:
I have received your work and it is very exciting and interesting. I am very excited about visiting the area of Boda. Thank you for your good work…

Matthew from Minnesota:
Yesterday I received the genealogical report that you sent me!! Fantastic!!…

Marilyn from Minnesota:
Thank you for the valuable research you did for me and so promptly too. I am excited about contacting these Swedish cousins. I will write to them today…

Kerstin with American guests
Kerstin with American guests

Nicole from Washington State:
I just received the information that you sent. Thank you so much for you hard work, and getting it done so quickly, I really appreciate it. You have done so well, I will definitely want to have you do more research for me…

Tom from New York State:
I received the packet today containing your research. It was wonderful! I can't believe how far back you were able to go. The history that you sent was very interesting. It seems like there were very many poor people in Sweden around that time. No wonder my great-grandfather went to America… Thanks so much again - talk to you soon!

Eugene from New Jersey:
…many thanks for getting my records back several generations.

Victor from Wisconsin:
What a wonderful surprise waited for me when I got home today! I checked the mail and found the information you researched on the Erickson and Gidlund families. Thank you very much. I couldn't be happier with your efforts and results. Please consider me a reference for any prospective clients… Once again, Kerstin, thank you very much for your efforts on behalf of my entire family.

Jon from Colorado:
I have received your packet of information and I am delighted with your findings. You did a very good job! I look forward to hearing from you.

Phyllis from Minnesota:
I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you have put into chasing down this Lars Oline. It is too bad we could not find him but you have done a wonderful job. I got the package of documents and pictures today and am greatly pleased with what you have sent.

Sandy from Minnesota:
Thanks again for all your work in tracing my family roots. I'd certainly recommend you to anyone needing research in Sweden.

Steven from New York State:
I received your package yesterday and it was wonderful, you really did do a great job. My father now 79 yrs old never knew who his family was or anything about them. Tomorrow I am going over to show him your work. I sorted all the relationships out by using the Family Tree maker, and will pass to the rest of the family. Again, many thanks for your efforts.

Robert from California:
Thank you so much for your help! Your envelope arrived this week. It is so wonderful to have this information you found!

Marcia from Oregon:
Thank you. I really liked the background information that you included about the living conditions and military service since it was very helpful…

Cliffton from Wisconsin:
Thank you very much for a very excellent summary of the records that you were able to find for me about Lars Larsson. The package arrived today. My quick look through it showed that your copies of the detailed maps will be very good for me to include in my scrapbook about each person that you have found records for… Again, I really appreciate your fine efforts. I'll pass on to my more distant relatives that may be in need of your services how well you have done…

Brad from Colorado:
Thank you very much for the information you found on my/our Swedish ancestors. My third cousins and I are very pleased. We're surprised how much you found.

James from Arizona:
I have received the report of your research and am pleased with the results. In my opinion you gave 100% of what you promised, in fact you gave more than 100% as I look over the narrative you added to the people search… I would not hesitate to inform others of the type of research you can and do provide. I wish you continued success.

Kent from Massachusetts:
I appreciate your persistent work on a no doubt confusing search. This stuff really requires detective work, doesn't it? I had not been aware of immigrants' habit of reducing their ages when coming to America. But that may explain what has been puzzling me about my grandfather.

Yvonne from Louisiana:
What a nice package to get to end the new year. You've given me a group of relatives I've waiting to find for some time. Thank you for your work. I appreciate having your introduction to the environment of Sweden in the 1880's and the pictures as well.

Carl from Virginia:
I received your research results a few days ago. Excellent work! I am very pleased with what you found and documented for me… Thanks again for your efforts. The five hours of research I paid for was well worth the money.

Steven from Florida:
Have received and processed Clara Nilsdotter ancestry. It is wonderful.

Bob from New Jersey:
For Swedish research, you remain my expert!!!… The package arrived in the mail today. Thank you very much, I appreciate the information. The letter that you wrote and the penciled notes are VERY helpful, it explains the documents well.

John from Washington State:
This is wonderful. I am not sure how you managed it but the trip through the mail was spectacularly fast!!!

Myron from Colorado:
Thank you very much for the excellent information!