KERSTIN JONMYREN FOUNDED Swedish Genealogy Company (Swedgenco), a professional genealogist firm specializing in Swedish- American genealogy, in 1990. Kerstin Jonmyren had then already for several years been helping descendents of Swedish-American immigrants to discover more about their Swedish origin. Since 1990, Swedish Genealogy Company has successfully continued to assist Americans with genealogy research.

TODAY KERSTIN JONMYREN describes her life as a professional genealogist like this:
- Unintentionally, I often become emotionally involved in the different emigrants and their families. Somehow I start getting to know them personally. Genealogy is something you easily get addicted to. I feel very pleased with the successful outcome of the Swedish Genealogy Company and also about the fact that I have been able to help a lot people in the United States to find out more about their family history.

SWEDISH GENEALOGY COMPANY'S ambition is to provide descendants of Swedish emigrants with additional knowledge of their roots. In the past a lot of clients have even found living relatives in Sweden as a result of Swedgenco’s research. Many clients have also become interested in the part of Sweden from their ancestors immigrated. Some of them have even traveled from the United States to visit the homes and churches of their ancestors and met with relatives still living in Sweden.

SWEDGENCO OFFERS A variety of genealogy services. Kerstin Jonmyren has forty-some years of experience of using and understanding all available sources in Sweden. Therefore Swedgenco can both research the ancestry of a Swedish-American immigrant as well as track down living relatives.