The emigration from Sweden

How was the ordinary emigrants' journey?
The normal procedure for a Swedish emigrant during the emigration period (about 1860 - 1910) was to go by train to Gothenburg.

There in Gothenburg groups of emigrants from all over Sweden had to catch the postal steamers, which about twice a week were heading for Hull and sometimes for Grimsby on the eastern coast of England. From there the emigrants were to go by train straight over Britain to Liverpool on the eastern coast, where the large Atlantic steamers were taking emigrants from all Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. At first those vessels were all destined for New York, but later on some of them for Boston.

Emigrants from the southern part of Sweden went to Malmö and from the western part of our country to Oslo - in those days called Kristiania - Norway. They were mostly brought to Hull or Grimsby as well. There were a number of southern Swedes left for ports on the northern German coast, and emigrated from there.